Starlyn Meyer: Co Creative Director


Role: Co Creative Director

BFA 2 School of Theater – Costume Design

Starlyn Meyer (they/them) is a passionate costume designer, currently studying for their B.F.A. in Costume Design at CalArts. They are enthusiastic about their work, expressing excitement for the American Western period, cosplay, and gothic costuming. They are a quick and dedicated learner, open to unfamiliar creative territories. Starlyn does not shy away from other art forms, with a love for watercolors, digital art, poetry, and singing.

Some of Starlyn’s work at CalArts includes lead costume design for “CalArts Halloween: Ethereal Convergence,” “Sunken, ” and “The Tragic Tale of Cowboy Billy.” They have assisted on curricular shows such as “The Overcoat” and “Wealth & Hellness,” as well as the coffeehouse production of “Brain Matter Radio.”

Starlyn’s Portfolio