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Welcome to Rainbow Ridge!

You’ve been wandering the desert for days…

Nothing by the stars of the night sky keeps you company…

You’ve nearly lost hope for any trace of civilization but you are drawn to a sparkling oasis.

As you make your way to this sudden sight, you find that you have stumbled upon an extravagant town. This place is fantastical; a place where the sun never sets, Rainbow Ridge.

The sun lights the world in a lively pink and orange scene. This place is somewhere between your imagination and your old western reality. Are you dead… or simply dreaming?

This mirage has your mind running in circles as you make your way to the main stage. Courageous performers on this stage push through a set of saloon doors, taking the tags as they put on a festival of high stakes and showdowns. Whether these performers are angels or devils… the land is unclear.

As glamorous townsfolk gather around to watch these routines, you realize you have found solace in this town. You are yourself.