Vladimir Ruslan Tuaev: Marketing Manager

They/He Role: Marketing Manager MFA 2 Theater – Management & Producing Russian-born and UK-raised, Vladimir has spent the majority of his time in Los Angeles creating and curating authentically queer experiences. With a goal of broaching together the mainstream and the grunge fringe, Vladimir aims to ensure that CalArts’ events are as engaging and wild […]

PJ: L-Shape Co Scenic Designer

They/Them Role: Co Scenic Designer for L-Shape BFA 3 School of Film/Video – Experimental Animation Fun Fact: sharks are covered in tiny scales called dermal denticles, which are closer to teeth than actual scales! Next time you see one tell it I say hi :^) PJ’s Website Instagram & Twitter: @sproutlette

Nat Gandolf: Co-Creative Director

He/She Role: Co-Creative Director BFA 3 Experience Design & Production – School of Theater Nat is a cool dude who loves cowboys! As a queer transmasculine person from the American West, High Noon was a theme he was very passionate about pursuing for this year’s Drag Ball. Nat can be found making puppets, critters, and […]

Erin Soo Yeon Park: Co Scenic Designer for Entrance

She/Her Role: Assistant Technical Director BFA 4 Experimental Animation – School of Film/Video Erin Soo Yeon Park is a versatile animator, designer, and art director mainly focusing on video installations and 2D animations. Park’s work delves into the complexities of memories, unconscious thoughts, and dreams, exploring the interplay between them and how individuals’ perceptions shape […]

Aviana Glover: Art Director

They/Them Role: Performance & Marketing Art Director BFA 4 Acting – School of Theater Aviana Glover (Art Director) is an actor, clown, director, and multimedia artist hailing from Las Vegas, NV. As a clown they have performed multiple times at CalArts, creating their own acts which embody the grotesque, sexual, and hilarious. In their tenure […]

Logan Masters: Performance Stage Manager

He/Him Role: Performance Stage Manager BFA 1 School of Theatre – Stage Management Logan Masters is a theatre technician from Irvine, CA where he worked with Uni Theatre Arts on various productions to gain his working knowledge in the theatre. He has since come to Calarts to further his experience and has worked on productions […]

Zoe Lappin: Dramaturg

They/Them Role: Exhibit Designer and Dramaturg BFA 4 Experience Design & Production – School of Theater Zoë Lappin is an interdisciplinary artist and designer from Los Angeles, California. Their work centers queer expression and escapism through immersion, often utilizing video and subverting traditional theatrical norms. Their work includes creative direction for Grotesque Burlesque & CalArts […]